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With the help of QuickBooks, you can easily file QuickBooks Payroll W-2 Forms. There are various payroll functions in QuickBooks like compiling and reporting start and federal tax information. Business owners can avail the subscription of QuickBooks payroll service which allows them to enter tax data into an electronic W-2 form for submission to the Internal Revenue Service online. QuickBooks submits those forms to the state tax department. This way it helps you to file the taxes in an easy manner. For any type of query regarding QuickBooks Payroll W-2 Forms you can contact on QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717 to talk to our experts.

How To File QuickBooks Payroll W-2 Forms?

 You can follow the below steps in order to file QuickBooks Payroll W-2 Forms:

  • Open QuickBooks on your system.
  • Choose Employees from the main menu.
  • Click Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s and then choose Process Payroll Forms.
  • Click on Federal Forms and then select OK.
  • Now Choose Annual Form W-2/W-3 − Wage and Tax Statement. An electronic version of a W-2 statement will appear on your system.
  • Enter your Employees details like total wage, tips, compensation, withheld taxes, dependent care, etc including Social Security Number.
  • Enter your state tax information if the income tax is collected by the state. It includes data like employee’s state ID number, state wages and tips paid, the local or state income tax amount, local taxes withheld from the employee’s pay. If you have any issues with it then you can contact QuickBooks Tech Support Number +1866-644-7717  to talk to our experts.
  • Check the data filled in the form. To proceed further click, OK and then click Submit Electronically in the payroll menu.
  • In the dialogue box click on E-file Federal Form or E-file.
  • Fill your state and federal information correctly in the respective fields.

When you have completed a W-2 file for one employee then QuickBooks will automatically populate this information on the next page.

How To Print W-2 forms?

Follow the below procedure:

  • Check if the printer is working properly. Use black ink.

Select File from the main menu and click on Print

Recheck the data on the printed paper to make sure that the printing and the details are correct.

How To Get Technical Support?

If you need any help to perform the above steps then you can contact QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717. You can seek support on QuickBooks Live Chat Support for step by step guidance. Our advisors are very skilled and experienced to resolve any type of QuickBooks issues. We are available 24×7 round the click to provide you assistance regarding QuickBooks Payroll issues.

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