There are hundreds of reasons why QuickBooks should be your choice when searching for the best accounting software. QuickBooks comes with some of the most high-end features that are bliss for small and mid-size businesses. With QB, you do not have to manually add sub-assemblies because QB’s one fantastic feature, known as Inventory Management, does this automatically. Furthermore, it saves you valuable time and effort. However, there can be some instances when you may have some difficulties because of some errors. Such errors cause interruptions that affect the workflow. QuickBooks Error 1935 is one such error that can create an obstacle.

Over the years, QuickBooks has revolutionized the concepts of accounting. With QuickBooks, now you can easily define user roles and permissions, track your sales, manage the payroll, and much more. Every single feature of QuickBooks makes even the complex accounting tasks easy to execute.

It is correct that QuickBooks offers a bunch of facilities that satisfy all the accounting needs of its users. However, just like any other digital software, errors can take place in QuickBooks, too. There are different error categories of errors in QB. Users must fix such errors to carry out the operations without any flaw.

QuickBooks Error 1935

QuickBooks Error 1935 is one of the installation errors. This type of installation error generally occurs when you try to install the QuickBooks program in your system. The most common cause of the QB Error 1935 is the .NET Framework in your system is either missing or damaged. You can understand that the QB Error 1935 has occurred when you see either of the below-given error codes on your screen.

“QuickBooks error 1935: The error occurred during the installation of assembly”, or

“QuickBooks error 1935: The setup required .NET framework”.

Signs That Tells You Have Encountered QuickBooks Error 1935

Following are the signs to look for:

  • Your computer lags. Every function you access gets slower than usual.
  • You experience frequent system crashes.
  • Your system hangs and stops working due to fragmentation errors in files or registry errors.
  •  The synchronization of the hardware and the software fails.

Causes Of QuickBooks Error 1935

The major reasons behind the occurrence of QB Error 1935 are given below:

  • Your .NET Framework is outdated.
  • Your .NET Framework is either damaged or missing from your system.
  • The security program of your system is restricting the QuickBooks access.
  • Some of the crucial QB files are accidentally removed.

Troubleshooting Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 1935

Knowing the main reason behind the QB Error Code 1935 is very important as it allows us to select the correct troubleshooting step to fix the error. Based on the cause, you can follow one of the given steps to remove Error 1935 of QuickBooks.

Step 1: Download And Install .Net Framework

When the root cause of the QuickBooks Error 1935 is the absence of .NET Framework, or it is outdated, you can follow the below-given steps to resolve this error:

  • You can download the recent .NET Framework from the official Microsoft website. All you have to do is to select the appropriate language tap on the download URL.
  • You will know when the downloading is completed. The downloaded file would be in .exe format. You have to click on that and open it. You can follow the onscreen prompts to install that file in your system.
  • Once the installation is completed, shut down the system and rerun it. This will successfully install the .NET Framework in your PC.

Step 2: Fix The Damaged File

  • Intuit provides one automated tool to repair the damaged or corrupted files in QuickBooks. This tool is called QuickBooks Component Repair Tool. You can download this tool from the Intuit website and install it in your system.
  • When you successfully install QuickBooks Component Repair Tool, shut the system down and rerun it.
  • Run QuickBooks software and see if it works fine.

Step 3: Use QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

  • Intuit provides another tool that can be helpful in this case. This tool is called QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool. You have to download this from the Intuit official website and install it in your system.
  • Shut down the system once the tool is installed and restart.
  • Locate the installed QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool and run it. This tool will resolve all the issues that are causing problems.

Contact QuickBooks Customer Support Team

As mentioned earlier, QB Error 1935 is one of the installation errors that can break your workflow. However, it is very easy to resolve with the help of the above-given troubleshooting steps. In case the QB Error 1935 persists even after you tried all the necessary resolution methods, do not worry. You still have got one more way to get rid of this error. You can contact QuickBooks Tech Department of Dialsupportnumber. You just have to dial the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717 or click on the QuickBooks Chat Support button to reach them.

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