QuickBooks provided end-to-end services and fulfills all the accounting needs of your business. QuickBooks is the most suitable accounting software for small and mid-sized businesses. Even though QuickBooks is enriched with some advanced features, it is also true that it may come across some errors at times. It is important to resolve such errors as soon as possible. QuickBooks Error Code 6150, 1006 is one such error.

QuickBooks Error 6150, 1006 is one of the most common problems in QuickBooks. Many reasons can cause the occurrence of the Error 6150, 1006. This error is included in the list of 6000 error series that are associated with QuickBooks company file issues.

QuickBooks Error 6150, 1006 generally occurs when you attempt to open, use, create or alter the QuickBooks company file. You know its error 6150,1006 when you get a pop-up stating:

“We’re sorry. QuickBooks couldn’t open your company files.”

QuickBooks Error 6150, 1006 occurs when your company file is damaged or corrupted. This error stops you from working with the company file and thus, this error is very annoying. In this article, you have a clear idea about this error and ways to fix it. You can also get support on QuickBooks Customer Support Number +1866-644-7717.  

The Causes Of QuickBooks Error 6150,1006.

  • QuickBooks Company file is corrupted.
  • QuickBooks Company file is missing from your source system.
  • QuickBooks Company File is damaged by a virus or a malware attack.
  • You attempt to access QuickBooks portable file (.qbm) and QuickBooks software is unopened.
  • Wrong file extension to QuickBooks Company file.
  • You attempt to save the QuickBooks company file that is meant for the different operating systems.
  • You are restricted to access the QuickBooks Company file.

How To Fix QuickBooks Error 6150,1006?

Step 1: Look For A CyptoWall

CyptoWall is a type of virus and this can cause Error 6150,1006. Other dangerous programs can also lead to this error and you will be unable to access the QuickBooks Company files.

Follow the below-given instructions to proceed to the resolution.

  • Hit Windows + E to access Windows Explorer.
  • Go to the source folder of the QuickBooks Company files.
  • Identify the folder that has some files with words like “decrypt” or “instructions”. (.txt or .html)

If you find such folders, you will need the assistance from your antivirus manufacturer to proceed. If you do not find any folder like this, move to the next step.

You are only allowed to proceed if you have deleted all such files.
Note: Intuit will not assist you to get rid of damaged files.

Step 2: Recover The Back-Up Of The Company File And Restore It.

You can make use of recently created backup to get the restoration done. You will have to restore from Backup Company file if the last backup has done recently. Make note that this may cause data loss.

If no error pops up, you are good to go and can access the same Company files without any challenge.

If you get the error pop-up on your screen, it indicates that you attempted to back-up the damaged file and these kinds of files cannot be restored. If this is the problem you have, follow the third step.

Step 3: Utilize Auto Data Recovery Option

Dial the toll-free QuickBooks Support Number +1866-644-7717 to recover data with an automatic tool named as Auto Data Recovery (ADR). This is a time-consuming process and may go on for some days. You will be able to access QuickBooks during this period. You must note down all the changes you want to make and get those done once the complete recovery is done.

To know more, follow: recovering data with QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

 Step 4: Update The QuickBooks To The Latest Version

If you use the older version of QuickBooks on your system, error 6150, 1006 may occur. It’s advised to use the latest version of QuickBooks on your system to avoid such errors.

To get the latest QuickBooks version, follow the given instructions:

  • Get into the system with administrator rights.
  • Shut the QuickBooks file.
  • Start the task manager and shut all the QuickBooks related files or processes.
  • Go to Help > Update QuickBooks
  • Hit the Update Now option.
  • Select Reset Updates and then click on Get Updates.
  • Navigate to the QuickBooks and you will be prompted to install updates. You have to press OK to install the latest updates.

Once you follow all the above-given steps, the error will be eliminated and you will be able to access the QuickBooks Company file.

Contact QuickBooks Support Services 24*7

If the attempt to fix the error fails, you can follow these quick resolutions stated below:

  • Get all the Windows tools updated to the latest releases.
  • Upgrade all the system drivers.
  • Download the powerful antivirus program and remove all the threats occurred due to the harmful virus and malware.
  • Change the name of QuickBooks Company file to the new one and make sure to rename it with .QBW file extension.
  • Install the QuickBooks again in the system and please select Clean Install for the installation process.

There is a great possibility of getting rid of QuickBooks Error 6150, 1006 if you follow these quick fixes. If it still fails to provide resolution, you can dial reach out to our highly qualified QuickBooks ProAdvisors from Dialsupportnumber. To connect with one of our QuickBooks ProAdvisors, reach out to our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717.

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