If you want to resolve the issues, you are facing while sending an accountant’s copy with the file transfer service. Generally, when you use the file transfer service to send the accountant’s copy, the following error messages can pop up on your desktop:

  • We had a problem sending your file to the Intuit Server
  • Warning: There was a problem sending the changes to the accountant’s copy file transfer server. Please try again later or save a file and send by email.

Reasons Behind The Issues When You Attempt To Send Accountant’s Copy With The File Transfer Tool

  • The size of the QB Company File is exceeding 200MB.
  • Your QB version is outdated.
  • Firewall settings are blocking access.
  • You have inserted the long dash in the MS word and then copied it to your notes.
  • Your internet connection is intermittent.
  • The data files are damaged.

Steps To Fix This Issue

Intuit has provided five steps to fix the error while sending the accountant’s copy using the file transfer service. We suggest you carry out the resolution steps in sequence so that you can save your time. If you are unable to perform these steps, get in touch with our QuickBooks ProAdvisors of Dialsupportnumber to get instant QuickBooks Tech Support Service.

Let us discuss the steps to clear all the issues while sending the accountant’s copy using the file transfer service.

Step 1: Erase All The Special Characters From The Company File

Here, we are talking about the following special characters:

  • Less than (<)
  • Greater than (>)
  • Ampersand (&)
  • Apostrophe (‘)
  • Quotation mark (“)

To erase such special characters, you can perform the below-given steps:

  • Run the Windows Explorer and open the folder where the company file is stored. You can press Windows + E to open the Windows Explorer.
  • Right-tap on the file and click on rename from the dropdown.
  • You can now erase all the special characters from the name.

Step 2: Upgrade QuickBooks To The Most Recent Release

The service of accountant’s copy file transfer is compatible with the following versions of QB.

  • QBD 2014 (R11)
  • QBD 2015 (R9)
  • QBD 2016 (R5)
  • QBD Enterprise 14 (R11)
  • QBD Enterprise 15 (R9)
  • QBD Enterprise 16 (R5)

The earlier versions of QB are not compatible with this service. If you use one of them, you can upgrade the QB manually or contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

Note: If the issue is still around even after upgrade your QuickBooks to the latest release, restart your system and then check again.

Step 3: Reduce The Size Of Your QuickBooks Company File

  • To check the size of your QB company file, run QB and press F2. This will open the company file info window.
  • Check if the size of the company file is lesser than 200mb/200,000kb. If not, perform the following steps:
  1. Reduce the file size by creating/restoring the QB portable company file(.qbw).
  2. Save this and transfer the file. Do not use the file transfer service.
  3. If the size of the company file is not bigger than 200mb, perform the next step.

Step 4: Check If There Is A Long Dash In Your Notes

  • In case there is a long dash in your notes, insert the text in notes directly to the client without the long dash.
  • Insert the text in the text editor and copy paste it.
  • Once you make the changes, send the word file through the email to the clients.
  • A long dash must be avoided in the MS Word file. Using a single dash is allowed.

Step 5: Fix The QuickBooks Company File

  • Cross-check if the issue is associated with one particular file or not. To check this,
  1. Click on File and select New Company.
  2. Select Express Chart and transfer the accountant’s copy. If you can send the copy, go back to the file with issues and perform the following steps.
  3. Resolve the data damage problems.
  1. Restore the backup for the attached copy. Make sure you are saving the restored file to the different location now.
  2. Run the restored file and check if the error is still around. If yes, replace the corrupt QB company file with the restored QB backup file. You also have to insert all the transactions that happened after running the backup.

Contact QuickBooks Customer Service

The given steps will guide you through with the proper resolution for the error that occurs during the accountant’s copy transfer using the file transfer service. In case there is a mix-up while sending the accountant’s copy using the file transfer service even after you perform the given steps, call on the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717 to get in touch with the Intuit Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors of Dialsupportnumber.

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