QuickBooks has been providing its accounting services from many years and it has become an integral part of many small and medium sized business organizations. However, QuickBooks Desktop is prone to errors and it can easily fall into various errors and issues. One of the most common issue is the performance issue of QuickBooks Desktop where the QuickBooks software starts running slow or it gets crashed randomly. Such issues generally occurs if you are using QuickBooks from a long period of time because your QuickBooks database kept increasing with time and you start facing performance issues in QuickBooks. It is not a big problem that can’t be resolved but it can definitely put a pause on your workflow.

If you are also facing performance issues or your QuickBooks is running slow then this article can be very helpful for you as we will be providing you the solutions to resolve QuickBooks Desktop performance issues. In case if you want an instant resolution for your issues, you can always connect with our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-380-2717.

What Causes The QuickBooks Performance Issues?

Major causes due to which performance issues in QuickBooks are as follow:

  • Large number of QuickBooks files are available in your QuickBooks database. These files include customer lists, company files, vendor lists, transactions, templates, portable files etc.
  • Your QuickBooks company files or other configuration files got damaged.
  • Your QuickBooks company files have reached the maximum file size limit.
  • Your system RAM doesn’t have enough space as too many irrelevant background processes are consuming your RAM space.
  • Some inactive elements in your system are reducing the speed and performance of your system.
  • Misconfigured firewall settings are restricting incoming and outgoing traffic of QuickBooks due to which the performance issue is occurring. Misconfigured firewall settings can also restrict various other processes like opening or modifying QuickBooks company files, updating QuickBooks, installing QuickBooks, processing payroll.
  • You are using an older or outdated version of QuickBooks which is not able to manage your current size of data files.

What To Do To Run QuickBooks Smoother?

Performance issues in QuickBooks majorly occurs if you have a low configuration PC that does not meet the recommended configurations for QuickBooks. In order to resolve basic performance issues in QuickBooks, you can perform the following steps:

  • Open the Internet Explorer and delete its cache and temporary files.
  • Your LAN connection should be configured properly. If there is any issue, you can contact your IT expert to configure it properly.
  • Reset your WAN
  • Update your QuickBooks to the latest release.
  • If your company file size has reached their maximum limit then you need to upgrade your QuickBooks subscription as per your business requirements.
    • Upgrade from Pro to Premier or Enterprise as per requirement
    • Upgrade from Premier to Enterprise
    • Upgrade your Payroll subscription as per your business requirement.
    • Upgrade your POS subscription as per your business requirement
  • Open the Task Manager and end all the irrelevant processes.
  • Upgrade your system configuration.
  • Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to resolve installation issues and other Microsoft components issues.
  • Install QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to resolve company file errors.
  • Check for latest Windows and Windows driver updates and download all the available ones.
  • Run the Disk Cleanup to remove system junk and other irrelevant data which is consuming space of your RAM and hard drive.
  • Restore your system to an earlier date when the error was not occurring.
  • Check if the QuickBooks is set up appropriately. If not then set it.
  • Restore a backup of your QuickBooks company file.
  • Reinstall QuickBooks using a fresh source.
  • If there are multiple installations of QuickBooks available in QuickBooks, uninstall the one that you don’t use. Multiple installations can cause performance issues as well.
  • Configure Firewall settings in your systems properly.

Types Of Situation When QB Become Slow

Types of QB Slow Issue Reason Behind Slow QB,    
QuickBooks Slow To Open While Opening QuickBooks Software, the user has a wait long to see the flash screen
QuickBooks Slow Over Network Due to some changes in server setting may slow down QB to open
QuickBooks Slow To Load Over Network If QB is running on Local Network Server some User may experience kind of issue
QuickBooks Slow To Start User See the Flash Screen but they unable to get Main QuickBooks View and have to wait long
QuickBooks Slow To Open Windows 7 Due to some services on Windows 7, User may experience Slow to open
QuickBooks Slow For One User In Multi-user mode One of the user-facing slowdown issue while using QB
QuickBooks Slow Access Over Network Due to Local Intranet Connectivity issue, QB Slow to open
QuickBooks Bank Feeds Slow While pulling Bank feed from QB for Reconciliation
QuickBooks Slow Company File Might be a QB Company file accessed by another user or located in another location.
QuickBooks Slow In Multi-User Mode Due to load on the server, QuickBooks Open slow on the user’s system
QuickBooks Slow To Launch After clicking on Company File QB takes time to open
QuickBooks Slow To Email Invoices While sending Email Customer Invoices QuickBooks Work very slowly
QuickBooks Slow Loading While accessing QB from a remote server or cloud server QB Slow to open
QuickBooks Slow Login User has to wait for long after entering a login credential
QuickBooks Slow After Update After applying updates QuickBooks Works Slow
QuickBooks Client Slow If managing multiple companies fail, QB slow to open a single company
QuickBooks Slow To Generate Reports User have to long waits to create reports
QuickBooks Database Server Manager Slow Unable to verify all databases
QuickBooks Remote Access Slow Remote Server Slow to process QuickBooks Files
QuickBooks Pos Slow QuickBooks Point of Sale slow to process transactions
QuickBooks Export Slow During files or report export, takes much time to process
QuickBooks Slow Printing After pressing the print button user have to wait long for reports printing on the QB
QuickBooks Payroll Slow Payroll Subscriber facing issue while accessing QB software
QuickBooks Slow Over Wireless Probably QB APPS is slow on mobile or tablet
QuickBooks File Slow Some file process to slow while performing operations
QuickBooks Mac Slow Due to some critical issue, QB user unable to open it on MAC Laptop
QuickBooks Pro Slow QuickBooks Pro User faces slowly while open
QuickBooks Slow On Windows 10 Windows 10 User faces Slow while few services are disabled
QuickBooks File Slow To Open Either Company or the employee or Client file takes time to open
QuickBooks Scan Manager Slow Sometimes Scan manage running very slow
QuickBooks Slow Moving Inventory Report Due to some service issue, QB Enterprise slow to generate Inventory Reports
QuickBooks Slow On Terminal Server Due to a connectivity issue, Terminal server, taking time to open QB
QuickBooks Slow Switching Companies Multi-Company QuickBooks takes too much time to switch to another
QuickBooks Slow Not Responding After clicking on the QB Company button no action happens

These are some of the situations when the QuickBooks software can have some performance issues. You can refer to the situations and causes so that you can work on it to resolve the issues. For more info, connect with us at Intuit QuickBooks Support department.

Support For QuickBooks Performance Issues

This article should be helpful for you in resolving the QuickBooks performance issues in your QuickBooks software. You need to resolve the issue as soon as possible as you may face some critical issues as well in future.You are also recommended to create a backup of you QuickBooks data files on a regular basis in order to avoid any data loss. If you could not resolve the issue on your own or you are not sure about performing the solution steps then you can get in touch with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number +1888-380-2717 to get instant technical support for your issues.

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