What is QBWIN.log:LVL_ERROR QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Error LVL_Error is a recoverable error but it can create various other issues that can even restrict you from opening QuickBooks software. This error generally creates issues for you try to verify your QuickBooks Data file. It is a runtime error and your QuickBooks can randomly close when the error occurs on your screen.

Type of LVL_ERROR Comes in QB Software

LVL_Error is an error series that contains so many errors and issues and they are as follow:

  • log: LVL_ERROR-error: Verify Account List Item: View out of sequence
  • log: LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify Online Account Information: Invalid Customer ID number
  • log: LVL_ERROR-error: Verify Payroll Item : Invalid tax authority
  • log: LVL_Error-Error: Verify Item: Invalid tax agency
  • LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify Item History: Build txn target bad pending state. Item = nnnnn
  • LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify item history Target quantity on order mismatch error
  • LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify Online Account Information: Invalid Customer ID number–> Record = XXX.
  • VL_SEVERE_ERROR-GetDecryptedCreditCardNumber Failed: The decryption has failed. CHECKPOINT: Failed to decrypt customer credit card number. Customer ID: nnnn.
  • LVL_ERROR-Unable to decrypt social security number/social insurance number
  • log: Verify list. Duplicate name encountered
  • log: Orphan payee found in Online cache
  • log: Verify Target: Invalid Open Balance

If you are facing any of the error on your QuickBooks software then this article can be very helpful for you. In this article, we will be providing you general solution steps for the QuickBooks LVL_ Errors in QuickBooks. You can also contact our technical support department by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1888-380-2717 to get an instant solution for your issues.

How To Resolve The LVL_Error Message?

To resolve this issue manually, you should be having a QuickBooks Data Recovery. This process can be best for you because it will help you in repairing your data properly. It is not mandatory to upgrade your QuickBooks version to repair your damaged files. Steps to resolve the QuickBooks LVL_Error are as follow:

Solution 1: Rebuild and verify your file

  • Rebuild your data.
    • From the main menu of QuickBooks, File > Utilities > Rebuild Data.
    • You will be asked to create a backup of your company file and then click on Next.
    • Once the Rebuilding process finishes, you will get a confirmation message and then click on OK.
  • Verify your data.
    • From the main menu of QuickBooks, File > Utilities > Verify Data.
    • If you get the message that says QuickBooks detected no problem with your data, just click on OK and you can work on your files as the error is now resolved. If any error is issue is identified by QuickBooks then you will have to go to the next solution.

Solution 2: Re-sort List

  • From the List > Chart of Accounts.
  • Select Re-sort list from the Account drop-down list.
  • Click on Yes whenever you are asked. This will re-sort your accounts to their original order.
  • Verify all the main accounts are appropriately grouped (i.e., all the income accounts are listed consecutively, etc.).
  • If all the accounts are not grouped the way they should (e.g., Other Current Asset appears as a subaccount of an Income account) or your subaccounts are shown as your main accounts then you need to go to the next solution to fix the accounts manually.

Solution 3: Fix the damaged accounts manually

  • Edit accounts
    • Right-click on the account name and then select Edit Account to fix the accounts.
    • Mark the Subaccount of check box to change a subaccount to main account or a main account to a sub account.
    • If the Subaccount of checkbox is marked then select the appropriate account type from the drop-down.
    • Repeat the above two steps to fix all the affected accounts.
  • Now, you need to rebuild and verify your data again to make sure that damage is now fixed.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Data Damage Errors

The provided solutions should allow you to resolve the QuickBooks LVL_Error and you should now be able to use QuickBooks without any hassle. In case of you have any kind of query then you can contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-380-2717 to get an instant solution for your errors and issues. Once you dial our technical support number, you will be directly connected to one of our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor who will provide you the complete and assured solution for your QuickBooks issues. We provide solutions to the QB users as per their version of QuickBooks that they are using. You can also contact us at QuickBooks Live Chat Support by clicking on the chat box available in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

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