QuickBooks is a widely uses software for accounting and finance across the world mostly by small and medium-size companies. Business owners can make their work like managing accounts, sales, inventories and a lot of other important business activities easier by using QuickBooks.

You can download QuickBooks easily from intuit official website. There is a probability that while QuickBooks registration, it may crash. The QuickBooks registration may crash due to various reasons.  One of the major reason is that you have not used QuickBooks for a long time and you need to register it again. You get the following message on the screen :

Error: QuickBooks registration Crashes. Registration not yet completed. Try to register again to avoid complication.

It becomes very troublesome especially when you are a new user. If you face such issues, contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717 immediately to talk to our technical experts.

What Causes QuickBooks Registration Crashes?

QuickBooks registration crashes due to following listed reasons:

  • Large name of QuickBooks company file.
  • Damaged INI file.
  • Damaged or corrupted hard drive.
  • Damaged Windows file.
  • QuickBooks is not updated
  • Any anti-virus or firewall is blocking the QuickBooks registration process.
  • Company Files are damaged by virus or malware.

How To Fix QuickBooks Registration Crashes issues?

There are various methods to resolve the issue. Some of the methods are listed below:

Method 1: Uninstall And Re-install QuickBooks On The System

  • Restart You system and login as Administrator.
  • Press Windows Key and choose Control Panel from the windows to start menu.
  • Select Uninstall a Program from control panel.
  • Search QuickBooks from the program list and select it to Un-install it.
  • Un-install QuickBooks and restart the system.

Method 2: Use Of QuickBooks Repair Tool

  • Download the QuickBooks Repair Tool from the official website of Intuit.
  • Install the QuickBooks Repair Tool on the system.
  • Run QuickBooks Repair Tool on the system.

The QuickBooks Repair Tool will scan the system to find all the damaged and corrupted files and folders. Make sure that you don’t run any other application during the scan of the system.  Now fix all the damaged files and folders in order to fix the issues.

Get In Touch With Technical Support

You can contact QuickBooks Support Number +1866-644-7717 if you need any kind of assistance while resolving QuickBooks registration crashes. We have a team of experts who are very skilled and experienced to resolve any kind of QuickBooks errors.

QuickBooks Support Phone Number

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